About this blog

This blog documents the construction of an IKEA store in the inner city of Coventry. A seemingly bizarre thing to do.

These grand temples to the flatpack are located with the car in mind. Commonly built on retail parks near motorway junctions, the traffic nearby at a weekend can leave you thinking that even free samples of the elixir of life could not generate worse queues.

Traffic problems of epic proportions are common at IKEA stores. So have the store architects and the traffic planners in Coventry City Council found a way of averting mayhem? Maybe they have, lets wait and see what happens.

Blog created and maintained by: Graeme Leng-Ward.
Email: g.leng-ward(at)warwick.ac.uk

Photography: Most photos are taken with a Pentax Optio 750Z camera, replaced by Nex A6000 in 2014. Any panoramic stitching has been done with Autostitch , a freeware fully automatic 2D image stitcher.


5 Responses to About this blog

  1. Scotsman says:

    Will probably institute a heliport on Coventry market car park and stop the inevitable traffic chaos

  2. Dr Pepper says:

    Well I for one can’t wait for this to open, it will be a tremendous boost for the city centre. Hopefully the opportunity to purchase some reasonably priced candle holders won’t kick start another riot when it opens.

  3. jay says:

    we’re doing a report on ikea & im doing the bit on stores & this is super!

  4. LocalShopForLocalPeople says:

    I use that junction of the ringroad everyday and it’s already a nightmare, I can’t believe the council allowed the building of an Ikea store inside the ringroad when there are more suitable sites around Coventry with far superior traffic links.
    This was either rubber stamped via a kick-back to councillors, stupidity, or just no understanding of the road infrastructure.

  5. I used to live with my mum at the end of Starley Road. I can remember what the area was like with the Drill hall still standing, and the GEC opposite.

    I went in Ikea today, it is massive. One thing that pleased me was the views you can get across the City Centre from the restaurant, It was wierd looking down on Starley Road.

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